Sedona, Arizona or online: QHHT Hypnotism, Past Life Regression, SRT, SpR

Sedona, Arizona or online: QHHT Hypnotism, Past Life Regression, SRT, SpR

Sedona, Arizona or online: QHHT Hypnotism, Past Life Regression, SRT, SpRSedona, Arizona or online: QHHT Hypnotism, Past Life Regression, SRT, SpR

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QHHT by Dolores Cannon and SRT


My name is Angie Dollar. I've relocated to Sedona, Arizona due to being guided here to continue my healing business. I came to Sedona in September of 2018 for a spiritual seminar and knew I would be moving to Sedona. It is not only beautiful here, but there's a peaceful and healing energy in Sedona. 

I conduct in person QHHT, BQH, and SRT sessions (Quantum Healing Hypnosis, Beyond Quantum Healing, and Spiritual Response Therapy). My Sedona office is quiet, peaceful, and  has beautiful views. However, if you are not in the Sedona area, we can have sessions online with or without video. Check my testimonials page for life changing feedback.

A little about me: I've been studying natural healing for the past 5 years. In college, I began having prophetic dreams. Now, I have spiritual experiences daily. I'm able to connect with my high self & the high self of clients easily to channel healing so we can live abundant, healthy, & loving lives. 

I'm a healer trained in the healing modalities listed below to tap into the subconscious to release emotional, mental, & physical issues. These healing modalities can assist your self-healing in relationships,  assist to open abundance, assist those seeking optimal health, etc.

My education: 

QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis by Dolores Cannon)

Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH)

Spiritual Response Therapy Practioner (SRT) 

Spiritual Restructuring (SpR)

Reiki Master

9 Munay-Ki Shaman Rites

Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, & Claircognizant

Doctorate Candidate

Masters in Education

Masters in Arts in Writing

Energy Work since 2014

Over 20 years Professional Teaching

Energy Healing For:


Most Recent Energy Healing Success: Surgery and Gene Defect


Have a look at the Testimonial page for more details on real stories:

Surgery to Remove an Organ: An Ultra-sound showed a twisted ovary that was probably going to have to be removed due to no blood flow. The patient was in a tremendous amount of pain. After surgery, the doctor said “the Ultra-Sound was maybe wrong because the organ was not twisted.” 

I seriously doubt the Ultra-Sound was wrong. The organ was not removed, & the patient is doing well. 

A family member said she saw Golden energy moving through the hospital during the surgery, and she said she knows the energy healing I facilitated changed the outcome of the surgery!

Gene Defect, MTHFR: Three MTHFR Gene Defect Clients have received energy healing through my partnering with Infinity Healing. Maryellen at Infinity Healing and myself created a strong energy team to assist in clients self-healing so that they had huge positive changes that are documented through medical testing such as blood tests, Gut Tests, OURA Ring Sleep Tests, etc. All 3 are feeling physically much better.  

Twin Flame Healing, Twin Souls, & Other Soul Connections

Twin Flames and Twin Souls…What a joyful life filled with unconditional love with these gifts from our creator. Really? Is it more like: This person has driven me completely insane. I love this person more deeply and completely than I could ever imagine, but…. 

Twin Flame and Twin Soul journey is like no other journey. When we meet our Twin Flame or our “mirror” person, we are forced to face our issues, and they are forced to do the same. Being forced to face our issues and grow can be painful, but there’s a force that keeps us wanting to be near our twin.

Besides Twin Flames, we have other Soul Connections. Programs and Negative Dark Energies can be interfering in your relationships with a Twin Flame, with loved ones, friends, and/or people at work. Karma and healing agreements can also be issues in these relationships. I can help you with these dynamics by releasing these trapped negative energies so that you can come into a Twin Flame Union.  

Besides the energies between you and your Twin Flame, the energies below may be affecting you or your Twin Flame.  

Financial, Work, Etc.

A huge struggle many people have is with finances, with work being too demanding, and/or with wanting to make a career change. Usually, things are blocking us from taking control of our lives. Beliefs, Programs, and/or Dark Energies getting in the way of our success and abundance are easy to remove whenever you are ready to allow me to assist you in improving your life. 

Chakra Clearing and Upgrade

The Chakras can become blocked, which requires clearing and even upgrade. Blocked Chakras can effect relationships, finances, work, health, life stability-essentially Charka issues can effect every area of your life.

Ghosts, Negative Entities Lingering

Dark Energies can also be lingering in your home or place of work. I can assist in clearing these Dark Energies or Entities so that your environments feel lighter and more positive.  

Inner Child, Mental, Emotional, Physical

Can you name many people around you that feel a true sense of joy? It's interesting how our childhood can have such a strong hold on us. Abusive parents are easy to spot. But sometimes there are deep wounds that we don't know are there. When we know we have been hurt, we may still hold on to pain. And even worse, we may repeat negative patterns throughout our lifetime. This baggage can be healed through energetically healing and releasing. Healing agreements, Negative entities, Programs, and Dark Energies are some things that can interfere in our lives without us even knowing these things are there. We may live a lifetime cycling through the same issues over and over not being able to break free. If you can live a happier, free life, why not chose to 

Awaken to 5D


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