Healing Modalities are used for self-healing. When you read my testimonials and/or watch the YouTubes, you will see amazing results that clients have had with their bodies, relationships, finances, and path. 

The following could be the reason for these amazing transformations. Many healers are sensing that humans are beginning to vibrate above what traditional methods are offering. A 26,000 year cycle, New Age for humans and for Gaia could be moving more and more into our realties now. 

However, please note that I am not a medical practitioner, lawyer, or licensed counselor. If you feel you need medical, legal, or mental care, contact the necessary professional for your situation. 

To change an appointment, 24 hours-notice is required. Clients are not guaranteed to achieve their intent for the sessions, but all clients have expressed their being pleased with their sessions. I highly recommend your reading the testimonials page of my website for amazing true stories. 

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