Twin Flame Healer Testimonials


I'm not an MD but I'm a Doctorate Candidate & I have 2 Master's Degrees. I've done my research....

If you think you need medical assistance, contact the person you think you need for that. There have been times in my life where I have needed a Medical Doctor. But there have been times when Medical Doctors and Prescription medications just made things worse for me. Several people I've met have had bad experiences with Medical Doctors and/or Prescription medications.  

Here are a few clients that have had huge changes with Energy Healing:

Surgery to Remove an Organ:  An Ultra-sound showed a twisted ovary that was probably going to have to be removed due to no blood flow. The patient was in a tremendous amount of pain. After surgery, the doctor said “the Ultra-Sound was maybe wrong because the organ was not twisted.” 

I seriously doubt the Ultra-Sound was wrong, and the patient's family member agrees! Since the organ was not twisted, the organ did not have to be removed. A family member said she saw Golden energy moving through the hospital during the surgery, and she said she knows the energy healing I facilitated changed the outcome of the surgery!

Gene Defect, MTHFR: Three MTHFR Gene Defect Clients have received energy healing through my partnering with Infinity Healing. Maryellen at Infinity Healing and myself created a strong energy team to assist in clients self-healing so that they had huge positive changes that are documented through medical testing such as blood tests, Gut Tests, OURA Ring Sleep Tests, etc. All 3 are feeling physically much better. 



Evidence that Clearing Really Works: The Super Cool Stories of 3 Twins Flames that Weren't in Contac

First Story: Her and her Twin had not talked for 3-4 months. He called while we were conducting a Spiritual Response Therapy Healing session. 

Second Story: She had not heard from her Twin for about a month. He texted during our healing session. 

Third Story: The client had plans to see her Twin. She was flying out of state to see him, and he had not responded for several days. The day we did the clearing, he responded that evening. 


Angie is an earth angel, sent from the universe, to help those of us on the Twin Flame path to facilitate healing for the self and assist in union. I had a relationship with my unawakened TF for about a year, when text book TF conflict occurred, and we separated.  In the depths of my deep pain, despair and desperation, I had seen a number of healers for assistance in healing, which were helpful (allowing me to at least get out of bed every day) but it was not profound.  Then I found Angie, was immediately drawn to her energy, and reached out and booked a series of healing sessions, which had immediate impact.  She has a true gift to clear dark energies, inner child issues, interferences, old programs, blockages from past lives and this lifetime, just to name a few. Angie's higher self is so powerful, that it takes other healers weeks and months to clear the baggage, she can accomplish in 2 hours.  

After 4 months of virtually no contact with my TF, and 3-4 sessions with Angie, I had an opportunity to see my TF. She helped clear our blocks to communication, any negativity in my energy and his, as well as any blocks between us, and also coached me through how to communicate in 3D to facilitate a meeting. He agreed to see me in person, where we communicated openly, and cleared up the issues that lead to our separation.  The reunion was even more magical than my wildest dreams. Though we are not completely back in union, we are now communicating regularly again, have wiped the slate clean and restarting our relationship with renewed hope, love and positivity. 

I know that with the continued help of Angie, our full union is imminent. I am under no illusion that it will be simple and easy, I expect the triggering to continue as the layers of wounding from this and previous lifetimes continue to surface, individually and as a couple.  That being said, the greatest gift that Angie has given me peace and surrender to let go of trying to control the direction of travel.  I no longer feel the need to chase, no longer feel needy and incomplete without my TF in my life on a day-to-day basis, and no longer living in fear of the triggering. Angie is the REAL-DEAL Twin Flame healer, who personalizes her healings with love and compassion and provides guidance and support. She is in full alignment with her life purpose, which is to bring twin flames on this earth back together.  Thank you, Angie for all you do, I am so grateful for you and wish you continued success in building out your business to help the Twin Flame collective heal and reunite. With your continued love and support, I look forward to my final testimonial, announcing full union with my beloved.

With deep love and gratitude,


I have had three clearing sessions with Angie in the last couple of months. During our first session it was very apparent to me that she is very connected as I myself entered a higher state of mind just through the two of us talking and felt energy shifting during the clearings. After our first session I received a text from an old soulmate friend of mine literally two minutes after the session was over and then had some pretty awesome synchronicities occur representing other soul connections as well as my twin flame connection.  We have been working on clearing for my TwinFlame relationship among other things and that relationship has progressed from a state of non-communication to plans to meet up since my clearing sessions.  Angie is very thorough and caring and I would highly recommend a session with her to help propel you forward on your journey! 

Mary Jane

I had an incredible healing experience with Angie. She has enormous gifts, she is really open and kind and I feel so much better since my session. It is clear in working with her that she is a very clear channel and doing work she loves to help humanity and the planet. In a word, she is a gift. Thank you so, so much Angie! Much love, Mary Jane 

Zoe Miracle

Angie, you beautiful angel. Thank you ever so much for your healing. The entire time I was feeling so many shifts happening at once, like things were clearing very quickly unlike any other healing modality I have experienced. Being a healer myself and very in tune with energy, I found you to be extremely wise, highly intuitive, grounded, with such a deep understanding of the twin flame journey as well as the spirit world. You are humble and yet very confident in your work which is the perfect combination for a true lightworker. 

I have recommended you to all the women I know that will resonate with your high level healing and support.

Thank you for being You! You inspire me and I look forward to reading more of your blog. I loved how you talked about A course in miracles book in Phase 3 of the Surrender stage which is where I feel I am at and it feels so nice to LET GO. And I have been studying that book daily over the last two years which has changed and continues to change my life the more I get my head around it and do the forgiveness work. 

You make me smile. I felt so clear and grounded after our session yesterday and this morning alot of old feelings of not feeling good enough came up to be released and I said goodbye to them and am feeling really present right now with no attachment to my twin and a deeper sense of surrender and self love. So thank you from the core of my soul.

Love,  Zoe Miracle 


I really enjoyed working with Angie.  I was struggling and her clearing and healing helped lighten everything a ton. I felt a big shift even the next day, more than I was expecting.  Her energy was very calming too and I have continued to feel the benefits days later.  I would definitely recommend her and look forward to doing more work with her.   



I've been having trouble with my Twin Flame. He's been off and on-the typical runner/chaser. I contacted Angie due to a referral. I decided to leave him alone and not push getting together after the clearing. We had negative energy between us, some past lifetime programs, & some blocks. He contacted me a week after the clearing. He was obviously lighter. He's more relaxed and so am I. Things are just easier for sure.  


 Work stuff. Always work stuff. I've had some conflicts with my boss over the last couple of years. I liked working there until he was hired. Angie said it's Karma between us and some healing agreements. She was able to clear those things off because she said it was time to be free from this cycle that him and I have had going on for several lifetimes. She cleared negative energy between us and cleared some negative energy in the building where we office. I can sleep through the night now because I actually want to go to work. It's definitely a change for the better.  


Angie said she was glad a guy contacted her because more than 50% of her clients are women.   :-)

I feel I get in the same rut financially for years. She said it's a cycle that I'm trying to learn from lifetime after lifetime plus me feeling negative energy like feeling undeserving. Angie cleared programs that I run in my head and cleared those negative thoughts she called negative blocks and interference like dark energies, separate entities, and a curse. When you get past her lingo, it comes out to be me just feeling free from something that had a hold on me.  


I feel connected to spirit but was having some sort of entity attachment. Another healer tried to clear the entity, but it wasn't cleared. Angie cleared that. I also had clearing done between my Twin Flame and I. It was really surprising that he called me during our session. I hadn't heard from him in over 3 months. I was even more surprised that I had another session with Angie and my twin texted me during that session. I was blown over by the call, and text during my sessions.  


I've never written a Testimonial. I've only written complaints. Ha. Ha. I feel so good after the healing I received that I had to write about it. My wife left me a few years ago after 8 years of marriage. There didn't seem to be much of a reason why. I met the person that Angie said is my Twin Flame almost 2 years ago. Angie said my marriage was a Karmic relationship, and that is why it ended. She said that's why I didn't suffer a whole lot of trauma from it ending. It did hurt, but this Twin Flame thing is so much stronger. My Twin person recommended me trying some energy healing. The whole Twin Flame thing and energy healing sounds corny, but my head has been spinning-this Twin person is not like anyone I've ever met, and I mean that in a good way. 

Before the healing, I would see my Twin Flame and then feel like: I gotta get outta here kind of thing. Sometimes, it would seem like I would hate her for no reason, but I keep going back. Generally, I need a week or a few weeks of zero contact, and then something comes over me where I absolutely have to contact her and see her right away. Angie did clearing on me. Now, I don't feel like I need time away anymore. 


My Twin Flame and I had never met in person. I just felt there was someone special out there for me. I started feeling like I was awakening a few years ago and began studying different spiritual things. I met my Twin Flame two years ago, and it's been a heck of a ride. I moved. I changed jobs. I don't know what's next. There's been negative changes in my life for sure but also some good changes. My Twin is someone that I can love one minute, and I want to run away the next. When I told Angie this, she explained runner/chaser/surrender and so on. She cleared things between us like some anger energy, past life programs, and dark energies in the way. Things are not perfect between us, but it's much better. Angie is an amazing Twin Flame Healer.